How to stay out of your sick bed this winter

stay out of your sick bed

keep out of your sick bedAs the winter begins to take hold here are five tips on helping you stay out of your sick bed!

Keep warm

Obviously, when it is cold, we grab for the nearest jumper but often a few layers are better at keeping you warm. A delicate vest or sleeveless top that is long enough to be really tucked in is a great start. I know I can feel much warmer when my back is securely covered.

The other layers will depend on what you are doing, but again light and layered is the key. That way when you are in warm surroundings you can take a layer off to get to a more comfortable temperature.


Stock up the medicine cabinet

Having medicines to cope with the common winter illnesses like coughs and colds means you can often nip them in the bud before they take hold. As soon as you feel the shivers coming on, grab a hot drink and a couple of paracetamol or your pain-killer of choice, snuggle up and hopefully you will soon feel brighter.

Remember to get your prescription medicines before the holidays!


Use the help that is out therestay out of your sick bed

If you are feeling rough and the above remedy has not worked, pop along to your pharmacist for some advice. They will be able to guide you about what action to take. Make sure you get there sooner than later so that you can start to feel well and stay out of that sick bed. 

Nowadays, the availability of flu jabs have made a difference to many who have in previous years succumbed to what can be a very serious illness. I recently heard an officer of the council health and welfare department who urged those who were eligible to get their free jabs, particularly children. 

I know of some who have taken it say they felt really ill afterwards, so maybe it is not for everyone! 


Stay hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. You may not feel much like eating but it is important to keep having those cups of tea and coffee and it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to a hot chocolate! Even drinking water regularly will help flush any bugs through and just generally make you feel better.


Try to get outside

The winter can bring with it dark, dull and very miserable weather than can bring down the spirits. Even so, wrap up and try to get out for a while. Take the opportunity to look around and actually SEE things rather than rushing around. What is the sky like? Can you hear any birds? Remember to breathe. Fresh air can be great medicine and really drive your determination to stay out from your sick bed!


Share your remedies below for keeping well when winter bugs are around!


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