How to get the right uplift – bras to the ready

how to get the right uplift

how to get the right uplift


When I was 9 I was in love. He lived next door & his name was Paul Lawson. He was older at 13 but I adored him. I would do whatever I could to get his attention. We didn’t go to the same school so I had to be devious in feeding my passion.

My hearing had become super sensitive to any movements in his garden & I had an endless repertoire of reasons to go out into ours: checking on the washing & how dry it was, making sure the weeds were not taking over, admiring the many ladybird birds, bugs & other creatures that inhibited that precious piece of land where I might see him.

Around the same time, I had begun to be aware of my body & shape. I was not happy with what I saw & felt a bust would really improve my chances. My chances with what I’m not sure but they may have been linked to the wonderful Paul. So, I said prayers. Honestly, I asked God to provide me with a bosom that would give a silhouette to be proud of. I’m not sure why I concentrated on the bust as most of the rest of me could have done with some work but anyway, the Lord was in receipt of pleas about having a cleavage.

There have been many occasions when I have sought comfort with a prayer & I’m sure some of them have been granted but as far as the bosom went, he was definitely listening! Had I known then what I know now about dealing with this mass in front that gets in the way on many occasions, I may not have been so adamant in my requests. There must have been an optimum size that would have provided me with the profile I was seeking but neither of us – me or the Lord – were concentrating when I reached it & they just kept growing.

This has meant over the years that my search for comfort & support (literally) has taken me to many a changing room with an assistant trying to persuade my bust to stay put & me to part with the cash. I’ve even had a look online with products like Knix’s innovative v-neck bra which certainly has good straps, an essential for those of us in the more ‘well-endowed’ group.

My sadness as I was ‘growing’ was the lack of choice in the bigger bra sizes. Nowadays though that is not a problem & my underwear can be a pretty as the next woman.

What of Paul I hear you ask. Well, my love remained unrequited. We moved away which made it easier for me to cope with my sadness.

And my bosom? Well, I’ve become quite attached now. It is a big part of me & so where possible I take it into consideration. I have to say though, it always looks bigger to me when I see my reflection than it feels but that is probably the subject of another post!

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