Help on how to reduce cholesterol

How to lower cholesterol

A survey by Flora ProActiv reveals that retirement is no longer seen as a tranquil time but rather the perfect time to be active, try out new things and explore the world.


Some facts about over 50s, according to the survey:

  • 58% feel younger than they are and 46% see age as no barrier to adventure
  • 33% are twice as concerned about the state of their general fitness levels than they are about their personal finances (17%) or family (15%)
  • 46% affected by an appetite for adventure as they reveal a significant sense of invigoration and desire to put the focus back on them.

Despite being more adventurous with their life, over 50s are taking more risks than they realise by not pay enough attention to cholesterol, also dubbed the “silent killer”. Only 1% of UK’s over 50s register concerns about cholesterol over the next 10 years, according to the Flora ProActiv survey.


Some facts about cholesterol

  • High cholesterol is the number one cause of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
  • CVD is killing one person every three minutes in the UK
  • It is possible to improve the levels of your cholesterol


Those lovely folk over at FloraProActiv are concerned about getting the nation’s over 50s to test their cholesterol. As part of their mission, they’ve offered free cholesterol testing and not just for an ordinary group of retirees but some real extremely active folk who have done things like trekking in the Antarctic. The results were a shock to the participants as they had assumed being fit meant no worries as far as cholesterol was concerned.


How to lower cholesterol

 61 year old Berny Maginn of Fareham

I’ve done every action sport under the sun, trekked to the Antarctic, and now travel the world teaching kite-surfing.  Age is just a number to me and I never thought with my active lifestyle that I should still prioritise getting my cholesterol tested.


I couldn’t believe when I found out I had high cholesterol, it really can affect anyone.


Nick Bishop of Alkham

Until Flora ProActiv came to Camber Sands to test our kitesurfing community, I took an ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach to my cholesterol. It was an eye-opening moment to see how high my cholesterol was and realise the level of risk I had inadvertently been taking


Not being satisfied with just producing stats, FloraProActiva have teamed up with HeartUK to help make us more aware of the importance of cholesterol testing. There are aspects of our lifestyle that we can take control of, such as:

  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle – move a little more
  • Eat a healthy diet – lots of fruit, veg, rice, pasta and non-dairy protein, including fish, pulses, nuts, eggs, and meat.


NHS Health check

Now with a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks I thought it was about time I really took my health and fitness seriously and having the facts rather than how I felt generally as the measure. So yesterday I went for a NHS health check at my local surgery which included having my cholesterol checked as well as weight height and blood pressure. you can try out the 21 day challenge from Flora ProActiv

Having the numbers makes a real difference and the great thing is that if your numbers are not as low as you would like them to be (and let’s face it we all want to be as healthy as possible) FloraProActiva’s 21 Day Challenge is an ideal programme to follow. My levels were within the recommended levels and my HDL was 2.3 which got me a ‘good’  thankfully. If you discover that you have high cholesterol and want to lower it take up the challenge!

Now, you know it make sense! It doesn’t hurt and you are in control of the consequences. 


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