Can you eat out & make healthy choices?

Eat out & make healthy choices

Eat out & make healthy choices!


Hands up if you ate out for Mother’s Day?

Going out for a meal in a restaurant is great, especially if you are celebrating a special occasion. However, if that weight you wanted to lose from Christmas is still a problem and you are being ‘very good’ that celebration could be a step back. Check out these hints to make sure you keep temptation at bay!

Read the menu

Sounds obvious but how often have you arrived with friend sat down chatted and before you know where you are you have ordered something that sounds tasty but that you don’t actually know what it contains. Most restaurants have an online presence now so check out the menu online before you go out.

Know your onions

Well actually – all vegetables and anything from the sea. All good for you, tasty and not likely to pile on the calories.

Watch that sauce

Even good old reliable chicken or vegetables can be turned into a ??? if they are in a sauce. That’s not to say you always have to eat them dry but did you know red sauces – those that have a basis of tomatoes, rather than white sauces – made of cream are much better for you? It is also easy to remember rather than trying to carry a list in your head of what is suitable and what is not.


Healthy option

Now often those two words drums up pictures of dry crackers and no taste. We love Italian and I really love those restaurants that offer a smaller option. I’m not talking children’s sizes but a smaller portion of the main ingredients with salad so your plate is full but healthy.


What about pudding?

I’m really lucky not having a sweet tooth when it comes to eating out. I would far rather have a starter than a dessert. If you have to finish your meal with something sweet, go for fruit.


Leave the car at home

We are very lucky to live near the famous Gloucester Road in Bristol so have lots of choice of eateries and restaurants. We can go to a different country each time! We try to ease the conscience by leaving the car behind and walking. I realise that is not possible for everyone but if you are going out to eat, try to plan some extra walking around it.

So, there you have it. some ideas for making that treat a little more healthy. Of course from the picture you will see i don’t take notice of my own advice!

Do you go healthy when you eat out?

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  • Hi Julia! I always TRY to eat healthy when I’m out. Sometimes it’s easier than others! I try to enjoy my food and am not too hard on myself if I give in to temptation.

    Tonight I’m packing supper and heading to the local botanical garden to listen to some jazz with my hubby.

  • I can rarely manage two courses never mind three so I’m not too naughty, but as I’m fairly good at home I don’t mind treating myself a bit!

  • NO. I do not eat healthy when I go out. I eat healthy from-scratch cooking at home. I don’t eat beef, but when I go out I like to have a fat hamburger and fries, every couple months or so. 😛

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