Do you really know how healthy your eyes are?

How healthy are your eyes?

We’re on a bit of a health MOT check here on Julia’s Place. This time we ask -‘Do you really know how healthy your eyes are?’

Wearing glasses

I fought for a long time not to have to wear glasses all the time. I wore them on my head a lot of the time when I was a head teacher so that when I thought I’d lost them, the children took great delight in pointing out where they were.
The optician told me that wearing them on the top of my head when not using them was bad for the spectacles. They were stretched and could get scratched from the movement back and forth but I just couldn’t move to getting a chain to hang them from. I did try as I’m fond of wearing necklaces but it didn’t work. For a start I love coordinating my colour scheme. It is something I’m known for so I would have need lots of chains ready just in case.

Fashion item

The main reason I couldn’t get on with having my glasses hanging around my neck was that I kept bumping them and they got in the way. So, putting them on my head was the lesser of two evils.

I’m now a permanent spectacle wearer but still have a coordinating element having 4 different designed pairs! I have decided that rather than pretend they are not there, they are a feature of my face.

Some stats

I was sent this infographic last week which I found quite scary in it’s stats. Although they are for the UK, I suspect they will be the same across the world.

Vision of Britain Infographic - Are we doing enough to protect our eyes?

Source: Are we doing enough to protect our eyes? – Optegra Eye Health Care

The research that produced it quotes:

The research has made some concerning discoveries about the state of the nation’s eye health, including the fact that 1/5 of retirees have said that deteriorating vision has stopped them from leading a full and active life.

Questions to ask

Do you find yourself holding a paper at arms length in order to read it? Do you squint when it gets to the small print? do you trust that you have worked out what those instructions say?

If you have answered yes to any of the above do get yourself along to an optician. Get your eyes tested even if you wear glasses. Time flies by and you can just ‘mange’ without realsing how much deterioration is going on.

Our eyesight is precious. Take good care of it!

When was the last time you had your eye tested?

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