Teachers training Teachers!

Education budgets are shrinking with each passing day.Schools are looking to be as imaginative as they can to spread the few pennies they have over after paying staff salaries. The training of teachers once they have left college can be very expensive and many creative leaders are thinking way outside the box to try to develop their staff. Those of us who are on Twitter know how valuable that resource can be.
This article from S Reilly however, suggests that there is an ideal opportunity to extend the experience of all staff in a school and it is in the classroom next door! Although it has quite a long explanation of context, it is worth a read!

We encourage our students to be creative, share their ideas, be risk-takers and life-long inquirers however are we living examples of this? How does your school promote staff sharing? Do you have systems in place or is it incidental? When was the last time you wandered in to a colleague’s room and actually “looked” at the walls and asked questions about their practice?

S.Reilly written for ‘Inquire Within’

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