Online Communications #1

I read this very useful post on Clerk to Governors site. I have split it into two poasts because it contains such valuable help that you need to digest it all!
Part one – the opportunities.
Participating online offers a number of opportunities for school governors. For example:
• Communicating between governors: using trusted online spaces, governors can have discussion online and share information with one another between face to face meetings, increasing efficiency. Governors can also communicate with other governors in their local authority and nationally
• Listening to what people are saying: like it or not, people will be talking about your school online, and they may be being critical. Unless you are active digitally yourself, you won’t know what people are saying, nor will you be able to respond
• Engaging with parents and students: greater involvement from school stakeholders such as parents and students can be achieved by talking to them online, especially when using spaces they already visit regularly, such as Facebook
• Promoting the work of the governors: by using digital channels to talk about the work governors are doing, more people will get to hear about and understand it
• Encouraging new people to become governors: the visibility provided by participating online means that more people will be aware of the role and inspire them to get involved themselves
By not being active online, governors cannot make the most of these opportunities..
The deatails within this post came originally from Modern Governor and the post can be seen here

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