Is your Classroom John Lewis or Poundland?

‘A disorganized, unkempt, or clutter-filled classroom sends the message to your students that poorThe Head's Officebehavior and middling work habits is acceptable—regardless of how often or how forcefully you say otherwise.’

When I read this post I was taken back to one of those meetings with an LA advisor who always scared me to death as a new head teacher. She seemed to have the answer to questions yet to be asked and I was never able to feel comfortable in her prescence. I always felt she was talking a level above my understanding.
However, one area that I did understand AND agree with was the need for classrooms to be learning environments not rubbish tips. She had a scale based on shop chains. It went from John Lewis right the way down to Poundland and included Marks and Spencers, House of Fraser, Woolworths (that was around then!). Classrooms could be easily judged in this way. It was possible to have a John Lewis room with a Primark cupboard!
Interestingly, it was one the few ideas she had that the staff really understood and worked on. They would refer to ‘I need to get sorting out because we’re looking a bit like Wilkinsons!’

Do go and read Michael Linsin’s post and then leave a comment about how your classroom would be judged. Is it fit for the Ideal Homes Exhibition or the local jumble sale?

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