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Things have been a bit manic here at Julia’s Place with not a great deal of time for writing. Joe Hurley has provided some ideas for you though about possible trips out with the accent on those of us who have left the world of paid work behind!

With the summer fast approaching it’s time to make the most of those underrated delights on our doorstep, and if you’re packing a bag for a night away, or you’re planning a there-and-back daytrip, in Britain we are privileged to have the loveliest landmarks at our disposal.

2014 has seen 73% of Britain’s beaches applauded for their excellence, giving us plenty of stretches of sand to choose from for those sunny days. How about some scampi in Whitby bay, or some rock on Blackpool beach? With so many sights to choose from living in the UK we are spoilt for choice.

For those looking for something more than a day on the beach, how about the Conwy Pirate Weekend at the end of June? Revolving around Conwy Castle there is no shortage of swashbuckling, and canon fire on the quayside closes the day. With hundreds dressing up for the day, the familiar landmark could easily be mistaken for a film set, and the surprised faces of those arriving unawares only adds to the fun. An annual event, add it to your calendar, and make sure you don’t miss out.

Retirees could also take a midweek trip to London. The city can get really crowded at the weekend, so it is a far better idea to explore the city’s many landmarks during the week. While you could easily burn through your bank balance in just hours, there are plenty of budget friendly attractions to see. Why not scout out Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace? All iconic, an open top bus trip is an easy way to tick those landmarks off the bucket list.

If you have a drizzly day to contend with, a trip to the Natural History Museum and their weird and wonderful exhibits can take up an entire afternoon alone. Entry is free, but after hours perusing their displays, you’ll need to stop for a spot of coffee and cake, re-fuelling for the journey home.

If you prefer days out with a little less hustle and bustle, Britain has an abundance of stunning countryside. . Famed for the Lake District, the Cotswolds and the Peak District to name a few popular areas, living in Britain we are truly spoilt for choice. Whether you fancy a short stroll by Windermere, or an ambitious trek up the UK’s highest mountain Ben Nevis, there is plenty of choice available for walkers of any ability. A good starting point would be to browse the National Trust and English Heritage websites. With lots of days out on hand, you’ll never be short of something to do.

Most of us have spent our working lives in the city, spending our weekends in the suburbs, so why not take the time to be a tourist in your local town? You may be surprised by the landmarks local to you, and before long you’ll be full of tips and tricks for the best days out on your doorstep.

Now you no longer have to submit holiday requests to your employer, you have the luxury of spontaneity. Seize those sunny days, and make the most of every opportunity.

Joe Hurley writes for Retirement Experience, and while he actively encourages exciting excursions, he’s mindful that sticking to a budget remains a concern for many. Through his work he looks at ways to make the most of the funds available, ensuring financial worries in retirement don’t impact on enjoyment.

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