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I am re-blogging this post from Henrietta Pretty because I know there are lots of children out there who are making their parent’s lives ( well meal times) really difficult.

I come from the generation where you ate what you were given and thinking about it, my son went through the same sort of approach. So, I am interested in how things became different. Do share your thoughts below after reading ‘ Selective eating and my 7 year old’

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  • Our son is a gagger. Certain uneven textures made him vomit at the table. We soon learned to avoid things that triggered his gag reflex. Now that he’s 9, he’s slowly getting to the point of being able eat some of the foods that used to make him gag. But there are many that still do. That’s our story.

  • I was far more lenient with my son than my father was with me and my brother. I never made him eat anything he really didn’t like. My father would insist on the family eating liver a couple of times a month. I hated the stuff. The house reeked of it all night afterwards. I would feed it to the cat under the table and go hungry rather than eat it.
    My son really wasn’t that difficult to deal with, though. If he really didn’t want what we were having, he could have something else, but it wasn’t going to be something that took a gourmet chef to prepare!

  • It’s a great link 🙂

  • I’m lucky because neither my daughter nor her children have been or are picky eaters. I can’t imagine how much energy it takes to get the good stuff into them.

  • I can’t open this Julia. I am getting a message to say the address isn’t valid.
    I never liked meat, and after twelve years of trying to get me to eat it, my mother, who wasn’t a great meat eater either, switched me to a vegetarian diet. I have been a vegetarian ever since. I had to buy my own mushrooms and cucumbers when I was little as I would have eaten all the ones my parents bought!

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