Do you believe daffodils can really save lives?

Marie Curie appeal


 Yes they can when the daffodils are the symbol of Marie Curie, the end of life care charity.

Daffodils are my favourite flower. They are bright in colour, have a wonderful scent and don’t fall all over the place when they die. You can see a few posts by me about this hardy flower by searching Daffodils but one such is ‘Daffodils’.  The Marie Curie International Memorial was formally established on 6 July 1948. This was the beginning of the charity that is now known as Marie Curie which has adopted the daffodil as it’s emblem following the first Daffodil Appeal in 1988.

What does Marie Curie do?

This charity supports people suffering with terminal illness and their families by providing nurses in the home throughout the day and night. Their first national campaign had the slogan of ‘Supporting the choice to die at home’ and that remains their focus. They have a wealth of  practical suggestions that they share, together with providing a listening ear from one of their trained volunteers.

How you can help

It costs £20 per hour to provide the nursing care that is so needed. Marie Curie also has 9 hospices that need funding so THEY NEED MONEY! They have produced an excellent fund raising pack with ideas such as;

  • Hold a bake off & sell the produce
  • Auction of promises of skills that folks can use like cleaning or gardening
  • Come dine with Marie Curie
  • Fresh food and dining out raffle


Marie Curie gifts

As a regular, monthly contributor to Marie Curie (you can set up a direct debit very easily) I was delighted to see that you can share your support in the form of beautiful jewellry. With Mother’s Day just around the corner you can’t go wrong with these items with Swarvoski crystals. There are even cuff links you could get for Father’s day!


Marie Curie appeal


Do visit the appeal site and see the range of things, big and small,  that you can do to support this wonderful charity that we may all need one day.

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