Getting Fit #3

Well the new regime is going well in a steady manner. My original plan have had to be adapted but then good plans always are. I had thought that I could do my 30 minutes on the treadmill EVERY day but my body has told me that I have to work up to that. To go from very little exercise to this daily work-out resulted in me being VERY tired to the point of not being able to function.

So, the plan (and it is working) is to do 3 times a week and after a month move up to 4 then finally 5. This staggered approach will also give me time to fit it into my schedule when school goes back and life kicks in with it’s busy -ness.

Reporting on the results so far – well – I feel SO much better! I can get out of bed in the morning now without feeling achy and stiff. This will be in part down to the work my wonderful new chiropractor has done on my hip. I have been having treatment for years on my back but it was the massaging of the muscles in my hip that has made the difference.

It is also down to the exercise I’m sure . I don’t dread doing it now as I did before when it was not a routine. Spurred on with this I am looking at how I can incorporate other exercises and I am hoping to do something about my ‘Bat Wings’. Why are they not called ‘Angel Wings’ do you think or something else that is not so obviously negative? Is it because the people who name these things think bats are ugly? Where do they come from anyway? Did I lose weight in my arms?

Anyway, I’ve done a bit of Googling and have sorted out the sort of actions I should be doing with my arms. The key apparently is the friction that the muscles have to fight hence the dumbells that you can buy. I’m not ready for that so have replaced them with two tins of beans which I am proudly flailing to the music.

Nothing appears to be happening at the moment but mentally I feel that I am trying to reverse the ravages of Nature which makes me feel better. So, there you have it – progress!

Some of you were going to join me so how are you doing? Did you manage to get going or do you still need a bit of gentle persuasion? Let me know and we can share stories! 

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