Getting Fit #2

Well Dear Reader – it has started. Slowly but it has started.

My darling husband is always my biggest supporter and when I start any new mad idea, ridiculous scheme, sensible approach he is there with his usual methodical approach. That takes the form of a time-table as routine is the best way to embed a new habit ( hubby not me!)

Well the time-table was drawn up and the exercise bits (treadmill /; stretches) were put in for around 4o’clock in the afternoon. It would only need 30 minutes so that would be easy – yes? NO!

For some reason I just couldn’t organise myself to break off what I was doing. I did stop but because I was in the middle of something, I was cross at having to stop and that meant the exercise was done in a temper. Not good.

So, I have turned it on its head. Instead of trying to fit it in once I’m up and running on the day, I’m doing it at 8am before life starts. Not only am I getting it done every day but I’m enjoying it. I feel good at the start of the day, whichever day it is and not just Saturday!

It is early days but I’m sure if I can maintain this morning routine, I can establish it so that when life gets hectic, it is a habit that I won’t want to break.

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