Getting Fit #1

As the schools have broken up for the holidays here in the UK and I could have a little more time, I thought it was a good opportunity to try to get myself into a routine to get fit. Now don’t worry. I’m not going out to buy Lycra and a head band! No- what I’m looking for is to feel less tired, less achy and have a bit more energy. If along the way I can lose a bit of weight then I won’t grumble!

Now as at the start of these ideas, you have to review your present position. Well after a very busy and stressful ( as in exhilarating) couple of months, many of my muscles have gone on strike. That means that my plans for going on our treadmill every day are out for a while. It has also meant that walking any distance has to be done in short spurts with a sit down every now and then. I visit a chiropractor though so these restrictions shouldn’t last long.

Alongside increasing the exercise is a plan to eat more fruit and bright vegetables. Apparently the bright colours are great in the fight against ageing. Now I’m not one of those who panics when another line appears but if red, yellow and green food stuffs help – I’m all for it. I have treated myself to some wonderful face cream as a treat for the hard work of the past few months.

So, I’m all ready. What I need from you Dear Reader is a little bit of encouragement to get into a routine that I can keep once life gets busy again. I will report back with news of my progress so watch this space!!

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  • Coming off a few layoffs from my usual gym routine, I hear ya’…Do all you can outside and save the gym for upper body work while the weather is grand. Just crossing the threshold was my first goal, then one light rep for each machine until I felt ready to do more. I’m about a month back and not as apt to make an excuse for why I can’t go. Well, to be honest, I have plenty of excuses but I also have a gym rat hubby that keeps me honest. Just think of it as part of your plan for the rest of your life. kind of replaces work 🙂 oh wait, it’s way better than work 🙂 Good Luck!

    • Thank you so much. It reminds me of a saying my mother always had ‘You’ll be alright when you get there’. She was always right so it is just that first step. Many thanks for popping in!

  • All you have to do, is do it.
    That sounds facile, but it’s true. When you’re tempted to skip it, the exercise, the healthy food, just say, No, today I’ll do it. Maybe I’ll skip tomorrow, but today, I’ll do it.
    Day by day, step by step — and you’re there.

  • You go on and show us how it’s done. I’ll sit and watch a while. Maybe I’ll think about it for a while but you go ahead and take one for the team. I applaud you.

  • I’m with Leslie, above: your expectations are realistic, and that will help you tremendously. A gentle push farther – in repetitions, distance, whatever – will help, too. So will the addition of more fruits and vegetables! So many people think you can just diet, or just exercise, and get to their goal, when you need to do both in tandem. Good for you, Julia!

    I’ve found doing just my regular stretches while I wait for the kettle to boil in the morning is helpful. Even if I don’t follow through with the rest of my exercise routine once in a while, at least I’ve gotten limber for the day.

    Good luck!

  • Your plan sounds good – and your expectations realistic. My hint: iPod with your favourite music on it. And then just start walking – a little farther every day. And remember in times of stress to breathe the way we teach kids to relax “smell the flowers, blow out the candle”. Good luck!

  • Getting the Olympic buzz, Julia?

  • Sharon

    Brilliant! I might even try and join in too 🙂

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