How to out fox a fox (maybe!)

Those of you who were here yesterday will have visited my lovely Garden. You will also have seen the remnants of an attack from a nightly visiting animal.

I promised you my plan of attack which thankfully has proved successful (so far).

We bought some Scoot, Fox repellentFullSizeRender (1) as suggested in the leaflet from Bristol City Council but before we put id down we had a conversation with ‘Big John’ in the garden department at B&Q (so named because of his height apparently). He had some stories to tell about gardens being attacked and mostly they did not end happily for the human resident. However, he casually mentioned that sharp stones might help.

Asking for more information he explained that animals put their paws on the ridge of the pots to get purchase to dig, if they encounter something sharp they think about going elsewhere. So, we bought some stones and although they are not the ornamental type, they don;’t look too bad and more importantly, they have stopped the foxes!


You can also see on this pot our defense against slugs. It is copper tape that they do not like to cross.

So, all in all our defenses are strong and holding their own. What campaign are you embarking on in your garden?

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