The eyes have it

The eyes are the window to the soul’.

Not sure where the phrase comes from but it is certainly true that we use our eyes for more than looking with. They can indicate mood, health and when it comes to their colour, they can direct our fashion and make up choices.

Look at this pair of sparklers!

They say – awake, happy, inquisitive, bring it on! I am sure that many of you have similar photos that delight. My reason for sharing that photo (as if I needed a reason!) was really to make you focus on eyes.

Eye health is probably not something we think about particularly when we are younger. Even the need to wear glasses is not a major event now. We go, have a test, get the spectacles. However, in the third world it is not that easy. Sight Savers are launching ‘A Million Miracles’. It’s a huge goal – raising £30 million to fund sight-restoring procedures by 2017 working to bring very simple operations to help with the wide spread damage caused by cataracts.


Cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, is the number one cause of blindness in the world. Most of us think of it as something that just affects older people, but in a lot of developing countries it’s a huge problem for children too, and if it’s not caught in time sight loss can be permanent.

It’s not difficult to treat – surgery takes about 20 minutes and costs just £30 for an adult and £50 for a child (they need a general anaesthetic). But millions are needlessly living with sight loss; they might not know treatment is available, healthcare services sometimes aren’t available or people can’t afford to get to hospitals, let alone pay for an operation.

A life without sight

Blindness in a developing country can be devastating; you’re often isolated and excluded, unable to get an education or work to support your family so you’re completely reliant on those around you. It’s hardly surprising then that people often tell us it feels like a miracle when they get their sight back.

100 Word Challenge is supporting this launch with their prompt this week ‘….suddenly I was able to see again…

Do pop over and given them some support by leaving a comment.

Click the picture and explore the work that Sight Savers do then spread the word!


This post is for the Gallery over at Sticky Fingers where the theme this week is ‘Eyes #Seethe Miracle’.

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