The End of the Holidays?

Th end of the summer holidays is often really traumatic for teachers. I suppose it is similar to those folks who work 9-5 and have two weeks off and don't want to go back to the swing of things. However, 6 weeks is a long time to get out of the habit of the routines of school.

That sounds as though teachers walk out of school after the last bell in July and never think of education until that awful 'Sunday night before I go back' when I can guarantee there will be many teachers not sleeping at all well. Many, if not most staff in schools do spend some of their holiday time working fro the children who they will greet at the start of the year. It may be getting resources ready or organising the classroom so that it is a learning environment.

As a Head teacher, I spent most of my summer with school in my head. Don't get me wrong – it was my choice. From about the beginning of July I would start to put together my 'Summer Hols To-Do' list. It was usually of toilet roll proportions but it did give me a sense of excitement that I would have quality time to consider some of the items on the list without the constant interruptions of telephone or children. You might like to read 'First Day of the Holiday – Heaven or Hell?'

Anyway, the theme for this week on the Gallery is not the holidays but 'Going Back to School'. As I'm now retired, I'm lucky that I won't have that disturbed sleep that many will suffer. It is not all down to not having to go back to work but more about the fact that we will be in France. Why? Because we can!!

My picture chose itself. It is in France at Le Lude in the Loire.

I'm sure that for teachers, come the first playtime bell, they will have completely forgotten the holidays!

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