That Day in October!

Tara over at Sticky Fingers has been really kind this week and given us a theme that hopefully we all have some choice in. She wants us to share a Happy Memory. I am so lucky that I do have lots of photographs to choose from. Most of them involved children either my son or children from school.

However, this time I’ve been selfish! This was taken on Monday 24th October 1988 at about 3.15pm. The day was one of autumn’s very best with sun shining and the trees magnificent in such a riot of colour.

All our friends were there, in fact it was standing room only at the Registry Office as you can see.

October WeddingsThere are smiles if you look carefully as well as an in-depth conversation going on at the back. Although it was my third experience of my own wedding day (yes, I’ve been married 3 times) it was one of the most wonderful days in my life!

Click the lens cap and go to see some other happy memories!

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