Seeing Red!

The summer popped back this week to give us some glorious sunshine and in honour of this special treat, Tara Cain gave us the theme of colour for this week’s Gallery. She intimated that she was looking for just one colour which made it a bit tricky.

However, I have chosen this photo. It is not a recent one but I’ve been dying to share it!

Liverpool Biennial 2008

It is an open-air theatre that was built as part of the 2008 Liverpool Biennial ‘Made Up’. All sorts of artists shared their talent throughout the city. You can see more in ‘Lovely Liverpool’. This theatre was built in a space between two buildings  that would have normally been over grown. It was constructed to give all the buskers and street musicians and actors a ‘proper’ showpiece for their work. Unlike many of the other exhibits this one was around for a while – in fact it may still be there!

Hope you agree that it is certainly RED!

Click the lens cap cup and go to see what other colours folks are sharing! 

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