Reflections of April!

April has been manic!

It has been extremely busy with lots of trips to various conferences & meetings. I’ve become a governor at another school which is in special measures & the 100 Word Challenge over on the other blog has got at least 150 entries most weeks! So for a  retired lady things have been busy.

April has also been it’s usual sad month too. Both my parents died in this month – my father on the 1st & mother on 10th. As I get older I’m beginning to think of them more somehow. Perhaps it’s that mortality thing.

Above all, this April has been warm & sunny. The weather man has given out stats that say you have to go back to 1881 to get anything near (or that may be as far as the data goes!). Whatever the answer, it has been beautiful so my picture to represent it is this one, taken in the New Forest.

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