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This post was written for another meme ‘The Gallery’ run by Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers. Life is really, really really hectic at the moment but rather than miss posting, I am presenting this as my entry for the letter ‘C’ on Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday. I do hope you all forgive me & I’ll be back to fresh posting when the world has slowed a little. Don’t forget to pop across to read some more entries!


Those of you who have visited here will know that I am married to THE most wonderful man in the world! No, don’t smile – you know that it’s the truth!

In 2003 he was given the chance to take redundancy & so became ‘retired’ at the early age of 49. After lots of discussions & hand wringing, we decided that he wouldn’t look for another job. I was a head teacher so earning a good salary & there were lots of things he could do to help make my life easier.

Unbeknown to us at the time, one of the main things he did was to come into school & get involved in its day to running. He had his own group of readers, he made book-cases, ran football clubs & tournaments & gave basic IT lessons to nervous adults!

When I opened the new school, one of the best additions was having a nursery class. These little ones brought a completely different atmosphere to the school. They reminded us that it was about fun & learning & not tests. So as Christmas approached we had to have a stable & we had to arrange a visit from Santa.. All staff stayed after school one evening & filled with tea & mince pies created a wonderful space that had the true atmosphere of wonderment & awe.

When the various nativity assemblies had been held, our stable was converted into a grotto and….you guessed it….OH was Santa.

He spent ALL DAY here, reading stories to each of the 14 classes & giving out presents bought & wrapped by our parent group. He lost about half a stone in sweat but….they never guessed it was him!


As usual, you are now charged with visiting Tara’s blog Sticky Fingers to see RED some more!

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