Red Letter Days

Over at Sticky Fingers, the theme for the Gallery this week is World Photo Day. We have to show what we were doing yesterday.

Well, I travelled up North to see a dear friend Jane Hewitt. She is a very talented photographer who has just published her first book ‘Learning through a lens’. It is a fabulous book that is not only a wonderful classroom resource but also great for would be photographers.

The reason for my visit was to start thinking about a project we could do together, combining 100 Word Challenge with Jane’s photography. By the end of the day we had the idea of a fantastic package which when ready, could to go out to schools which will use all the children’s senses.

Jane is always looking for simple ideas that she can share with teachers that get the children’s creative juices flowing. Over the past few days, she has come up with a collage challenge. She sets a theme and you make a collage ( possibly using an app like Moldiv ) to create a collage. Yesterday’s theme was RED and when I left Jane I went to Meadowhall which, for those who don’t know, is a HUGE shopping complex. I decided that it had been a red letter day so took appropriate pictures.

Here is an example of one of them using red letters from shop signs and names.

Do have a look at #collagechallenge and have a go. It is very easy.

Also, pop over to Tara’s place to see what other folks were doing on World Photo Day!


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