Quite a walk for some peace!

It’s the school holidays in the UK so Tara over at ‘Sticky Fingers’ is hoping to get some peace and quiet. I’m not sure that peace and quiet actually go in the same sentence as school holidays but she asked us to find some for her.

I’m taking you on a very long climb up to Saint Michael d’Aignilhe chapel in Le Puy-en-Velay which is in the south central area of France. The chapel is situated on top of a rocky out-crop. These strange natural pinnacles (there are 3) dominate the town which is settled between them.

We visited at a time when my back was sore but I was determined to get to the top. Although it took ages, it was well worth the effort. The chapel although tiny is magnificent with the most wonderful vaulted ceiling that has been beautifully decorated. Timing is all at these places but I hope you can see the peace that I gained from sitting and looking in wonder when the rest of the world had come and gone!


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