The theme for this week at the Gallery is ‘ACTION!’. I think Tara was hoping for all sorts of activity to be unveiled. Well, in our house we are focusing on the end of the football season.

Having said that we are Gillingham supporters and some would say to put the team and football in the same sentence is a bit of a far stretch! Anyway, they could ‘get into the play-offs’ again this year. For my US visitors, this means that they play and extra couple of games and if they win they move up into the next league. As we are in the bottom league at the moment we are keen for this to happen.

I had better warn you not to get too excited about the possibility oif this happening. Not only do Gillingham have to win both of their last games, other teams have to lose for the mathematical calculations to pan out to put the Gills in the running.

This will not be the first time Gillingham FC ( a club in Kent, South East England). They have been there in1987, 1999, 2000, 2009. They have always reached the final and in 2000 and 2009 won the game. Sadly, they slipped back down fairly soon but hey – it’s only a game!

Just to whet your appetites, here are the photos from our most recent visit to Wembly in 2009. Let’s hope there is lots of action again this year!


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