Old Family

When I read the theme for the Gallery this week, I felt a bit tired. Don’t get me wrong – I love my lot – I really do, but it felt very samey with ‘Family’ as the topic. So I decided to go trawling in THE drawer.

Have you got one of those? A drawer where all sorts of photos, certificates and bits of memorabilia are stored? Well, this is what I found!

That’s me in the front with the bucket so I reckon this photo is about 58 years old. That’s my daddy holding me and mother is on his right. Then we have Hazel, Irene (with her daughter Lorraine at her feet) and in the back is Hazel’s husband Peter. They were my father’s nieces which made them my cousins but I’ve always called them Aunty.

Sadly, three are no longer with us (Mum, Dad and Hazel) but this photo really reminds me of so many wonderful family occasions when I was small. I can see how people did confuse Lorraine and I and although mine are blonde, even at that young age I was developing my paternal family’s eyebrows!

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