No sniggering please!

OK. Now before we go any further some rules! This week’s Gallery theme isΒ ‘A Smile’. This is partly in celebration of the great work that Dave Fowler is doing with the Mona Lisa Million Project (go visit – now!)

I am lucky to have lots of smiles in our photo collection but I felt that I wanted it to mean something more than a happy moment. The picture I have chosen is not at all flattering! It shows lots of double chins, far too many lines & complete exhaustion! However, it was exhaustion for a good cause. It was taken after I had completed my first organised run. I had just finished the Race for Life (yes, I have the medal!) & although my legs were sending messages of ‘sit down NOW!’ I felt so exhilerated that I had completed it. It is my ambition to do the Moonwalk this year but I need to get more pratice in. This picutre is the start of that ambition so……here it is!

Make sure you visit Sticky Fingers, Tara Cain’s fabulous blog to see lots of other smiles!

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