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Over at Sticky Fingers Tara wants us to share ‘New’.

Well, I often get a jig-saw for Christmas. Those of you who are regular visitors here will know that I have one out on my table all the time. I discovered that they were an ideal way for me to relax when I first retired and the habit stuck.

There are some amazing ones around and hubby often tries to get me one of somewhere we have visited. The one I had this year, is of Paris and again, regulars will know that is a place we love. I love starting a new puzzle and getting to know the colours that are there. There will always be a piece that just doesn’t seem to fit the picture and I will constantly pick it up and study it. Once it’s place is found of course it is obvious where it belongs! Duh!

A friend has shown me pictures of a 3D one in the making. Now – that has to be my next challenge.

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