National Trust – National Treasure!

Well this week’s theme for the Gallery is very clear – it’s BLACK & WHITE!

I’ve gone for the minimalist approach which is often applied to Black & White. I am also hoping to promote (but not being paid in any shape or form!) the National Trust. We have been members for a number of years but really have only used our tickets in a regular way since I retired. We have tried to go on a picnic every Wednesday and invariably we will go to a National Trust property.

Anyway – back to Black and White. I give you some of our marvellous history –

This is Speke Hall just near Liverpool. As you can see it started life in Tudor times but it makes an  interesting visit because inside all is not as it seems! Various owners made changes across the years but the last one Adelaide Watt just enjoyed the mansion and gardens as they were. As you can see it has the tale-tell signs of the black and white. It has allowed life to continue around it as John Lennon airport is at the bottom of it’s very large garden!

This one is along similar lines but is so wobbly! It is Little Morton Hall in Cheshire. There is not a lot inside as far as furniture goes but it is fascinating because the various owners have added bits causing the whole structure to lean a bit!

Both of these properties are owned by the National Trust which maintains them and brings their history to us. I’m a great fan (again, this is NOT a sponsored post!) of the NT because not only do they save wonderful buildings and gardens from dereliction, they also present the history that goes with them in a very user friendly way especially for children. By being members not only do you save a HUGE amount but help this work to continue.

So, as far as I’m concerned, join the National Trust. It is very simple. In fact it is BLACK and WHITE!

To see some more Black and White items, click the lens cap and visit Sticky fingers! 

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