This post is for Week 5 of the Gallery set up by Tara at Sticky Fingers. The title this week is ‘Outside My Front Door’ & Tara did mention that it didn’t have to be taken literally. Well, I have & I apologise for the following rant but I’M CROSS!

I’ve lived here for over 20 years (my OH for 29yrs). We love the area because it is so convenient for shops, cafes, pubs. There’s a reasonable, if expensive, bus service & we can get to key motorways reasonably quickly.
Our house has been transformed over the years & I love it! Only problem is THE ROAD! I want to pick the house up & move it! I’d be quite happy to move to a replica of our road when I first moved here. It was quiet, with friendly neighbours & the odd car passing through.
Now, it can be like the finishing straight at Brands Hatch with the road being used like a rat run. Parking as you can see can be a nightmare & not just with cars but vans. It doesn’t help being near a county cricket ground & a football league ground but even on non-match days, parking can be a tortuous exercise. My neighbour has been having a kitchen extension put on since November!!Even with the delay for the snow, it has gone on for TOO long!

Many of the houses have been taken for student lets (that will be those students with no money!). Not only have they all got cars – what do they do with curtains?! I may well have a further ‘curtain rant’ in another post! But to continue-why don’t those with garages use them? I used to get cross about not being able to park outside my house. Now I’d like to be able to SEE my house as I’m coming down the road! Maybe the solution is to push for residents permits but that can be so restrictive if you only get one. What am I saying! I can’t get one car parked let alone visitors’ vehicles! I feel embarrassed when people visit or drop me off!

So this is my entry for this week’s gallery. Maybe in the not too distant future I can post another picture of a quiet suburban street! Is parking a problem for you?

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  • JFB

    Sounds like you have the best solution. We’re up your way in June so will look out for it!

  •’ve touched a nerve here too! I feel your frustration. I actually debate going out or not in the car because it means I may not get my ‘somewhere in my road’ parking space back. How sad is that? I’ve even changed to an ‘on-line’ grocery shop, as most of the stress was finding parking. Double parked on a main road to unload it, dumping it in the middle of the kitchen, then spending 20mins trying to find somewhere to park, normally about 2 or 3 roads away! Thats the only downside to living in Brighton.

  • woah that is some serious car clutter!! I can see why it irritates the hell out of you, I’d be the same!!

    Up here where I am in Inverness you can apply for more than one resident parking and also visitor one that a visitor can place in their car when visiting. I think the residents parking is probably the only way forward unfortunately!

  • cherishedbyme

    Parking isn’t a problem now, but where our first house was it was a nightmare…you didn’t dare go out for fear of losing the space.

  • I live in a quiet cul-de-sac of 9 houses. Between us there are 24 (yes twenty f’ing four) cars and a caravan (ironically one house that only has 2 inhabitants has 4 cars – they each have one for work and one for the weekend – seriously!). So whilst I can park my car on my drive, every inch of kerb space is often jammed with cars and my visitors have no where to park. So hey – it happens in all types of areas!!!!

    • Mine area is lovely I think, it’s just outside my door for a few metres either way. Would like to be able to leap over to the ‘nice bit’!

  • whatshappeningatmyhouse

    I completely sympathise: one of the main reasons we moved from our last house was because the road had changed in 10 years from being a quiet and not often used one, to a real nightmare. I suppose that’s what some would term progress!

  • I see parking is a problem no matter where you live!

    • We thought about sorting out a drive-in by knocking down the front wall but I’m nervous about security. At least with so many cars, the burglars don’t know if you’re in!!

  • Yes, we have problems parking too – hence why we’re up for sale. we also have cheeky buggers from the next street parking their big white vans in our cul de sac so they don’t get scratched on their main road! So not sorry when one got it’s tyres slashed a week ago and No it wasn’t me – far too much of a wimp but definitely ahave thought of doing it in the past…

  • Oh this is so familiar, my symapthy to you lovely! We used to live on a very similar road in Bristol and I thought I was going to go mad. Especially when I had 2 toddlers, a baby and many bags of shopping and NO PARKING SPACE ANYWHERE NEAR MY HOUSE! Grrr!

  • parklover

    I can understand why this would be stressful! None of the houses on our cul-de-sac have drives so we all have to park on the road. It’s fine most of the time as I’m blessed with considerate neighbours – I just get quite irate that a bloke from round the corner parks on our street even though he has a very long drive. How annoying!

  • My stress levels went through the ceiling just looking at that photo – you have my sympathy, it’s nerve wracking stuff getting a parking space!

  • I love that you’ve done something totally different with The Gallery (although sorry that it caused a rant!) But it means we got to really get a sense of where you live (and the anger you harbour!)

  • JFB

    Very!!We make sure we don’t go far on match days so we can get back in time. I want to put the dustbin out to stop them but OH not keen!

  • I used to live near a football ground and there was no point using my car the day of a match cause i could never park when i got home. Annoying isn’t it?

  • Ah yes. I can see that the road would be a problem. We’re on a cul-de-sac which thankfully makes life a little easier although our neighbour has three cars and no drive so he takes up more than his fair share of parking space.

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