My Men!

The Gallery this week is centred on a very important happening in Mozambique where Christine Mosler, a dear friend & superb blogger is tracking a vaccine as part of Save the Children’s campaign #Pass It On. It is intended to raise awareness that thousands of children die needlessly each year from childhood diseases that we here in the western world have eradicated thanks to vaccinations. If you haven’t signed the petition yet do – NOW – HERE!

Back to the Galley & this week’s theme of ‘I’m grateful for…’. Now, this has a War & Peace potential in the size of the list I could give you! However, I have thought about it very carefully & give you my family.

My husband has made my life so complete. Not only in all the hugs & kisses but in the confidence he has given me. While I was a head teacher he would be my sounding board. It was him who would put me back together again after a bruising at school from the various ‘stakeholder’ groups who felt they had rights on my sanity. He has shown me such trust in my ability to succeed in whatever I want to do that my second career is flourishing. He is  my rock for which I am truly grateful.

My son is ‘My Pride’ & joy ( and also many of the grey hairs I’m sure!) He is the best thing I have done in my life. He has grown into a fine man who is making his mark on the world & paying me an enormous compliment by following in my footsteps in education. He is following a dream to be a policeman by being a  Special Constable who is very respected by his colleagues & senior officers. As a mum, I am so lucky that in him, I know there will be a future that I have been part of. For that I have untold gratitude.

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