My Men!

Tara has given us such a HUGE menu to choose from this week with the theme of ‘Something you are proud of’! Well, I’m very lucky to have lots if things in my life that give me a little squee of delight when I think about them. Obviously being old helps as there are more years to choose from!!

Seriously though, I didn’t have to put much thought to what I was going to share with you. It is My Men.

My Men - Gallery

Now I had a bit to do with the lad on the right but had nothing to do with the arrival of the big one on the left. So, what am I proud of? Well it it the relationship they have together. Hubby is DS’s step father and I know some of those situations can be very uncomfortable for both parties. This couple are mates! Without the big one the lad would not have passed his GCSE maths and therefore may well have not become the excellent Deputy Head he is. I have to say hubby’s OCD came in very useful during those days!

This photograph was taken in Lille in August 2003 just before DS’s 27th birthday. We had travelled over on the Shuttle for a day trip with DS’s girlfriend of the time. The weather was VERY hot but we all had a great time. Many folks are not aware that they are not blood relations and I think that says it all. As far as hubby is concerned DS IS his son. For the lad the big one is ‘Pops’! So, you have it!

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