Mrs Peacham

Stop laughing at the back there! No, no more sniggering please!

When I saw the prompt of ‘ A Memory’ for this weeks Gallery post, I headed for my cardboard box of old photos. I had no idea what I was going to use . I picked out 3 in all. Two were of me as a tiny tot which would have got me the ‘Ah’ vote. I decided to show you this one though. This is me in the role of Mrs Peacham in John Gay’s ‘The Beggars Opera’. The year is 1969 & I was at the height of my theatrical career (such as it was!) The school had an excellent reputation for productions. This was a particularly adventurous choice especially with singing, acting & wearing quite ridiculous but authentic costumes!

Written in 1728 it was a ballad opera which satirised the upper classes interest in Italian opera. It was to have a great influence on later British stage comedies & the modern musical. It is the story of a highwayman & his adventures within a society of prostitutes, thieves & beggars.

As was the form, there were three Acts & to ‘fill in the space while the scenery was changed’ I was appointed ‘Dance Mistress’ & enlisted the help of some younger pupils who were keen to become ‘dancers’. For me it was a dream come true! I had achieved my goal – I was a choreographer! We thought it all very grand indeed. It was the whole of my world for at least a 6 months. Seeing this photo brought all those memories flooding back, including the HUGE crush I had on the music teacher. He had such dark, dreamy eyes! Oooo!

Stop it at the back now!


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