More Tea Vicar?

Well this week Tara has asked us to share our embarrassing outfits. Now as you can imagine Dear Reader, for a fashion icon like me that posed a problem. As if I would have an outfit that wasn’t the top of the range, haute couture and the biz!

So I’ve had to delve into my past as a Head teacher. That means lots of dressing up! I am sharing this particular out fit which was for World Book Day, when the children were invited to dress as their favourite book character. I always joined in because that’s what Head teachers do!

Now I can see that puzzled look on your face (which is better than the look on mine!) I was rushed, left it too late to put any thought into my costume and had to get something from the wardrobe at home. I’m an avid fan of Dawn French and had the PJs so it had to be done. It was embarrassing because I had some heavy duty meetings that day and sat through them all looking like that!

Oh…. and can guess the book?

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