Look to the Future!

This week’s theme for the Gallery is ‘Tomorrow’. It is quite a challenge I think & one that Tara Cain who runs this amazing weekly photographic cavalcade will relish looking at I’m sure.

Obviously, ‘tomorrow’ is in the future so here is my future (one day BUT NOT YET!) Meet Carly my DiL of 4 months! She & my DS have just given me a wonderful week-end whilst hubby was in Leeds playing football (this is an annual occurence ) I travelled down to Southampton on Friday evening & was spoilt until I left on Sunday afternoon. I was able to talk to them about the blogs & the sort of regular things we all get up to. Naturally, the Gallery was discussed especially some of the entries for last week’s Mother Love.

Carly was sorry but she was not able to give me a scan picture like some of those great ones we saw but she was up for a laugh! This is Carly as we hope she will be one day but with a real bump rather than a jumper!!!

The Future

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