The theme for this week on the Gallery is ‘Fitness’. Well, that is aslo appropriate after the summer we have had here in the UK.

My entry goes back a couple of years though to the time when I took up a challenge. The picture is not very flattering although I have got my lippy on. This was me after doing the Race for Life

If you look behind me you’ll see why I’m pulling a face. I wanted to be one of those cubicles not having my photo taken! Anyway, you can see my medal round my neck. It is hanging proudly in my study.

This was the first event of this kind that I had ever joined.  I did a little bit of training but it was only 5K so not a great distance. I went with a group from school who were old timers and saw it as their annual burst of exercise. I found the whole experience truly marvellous.

All the hype before hand with the organizers getting us all to warm up with disco-type music and pinning numbers on and rewarding some of the heart-breaking messages people were wearing – it really got to me. I started off in the ‘walking’ column but soon felt that I wanted to run. I wanted to make my mark and really push myself so that when I asked my sponsors for their money I could do so with a clear conscience.

I have called this post ‘Legacy’ and although it is a word we have heard a great deal of over the Olympics this event and all like it do leave a legacy in more understanding and support for a very worthwhile cause.

*This is not a sponsored post just a cause I believe in*.

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