Julia, the swimmer

That cheeky Tara over a Sticky fingers has set us the challenge of ‘Selfie’ for this week’s Gallery. Apparently it is the modern vocabulary for a self-portrait!

So, what do I share with you I wonder. Well, as you know Dear Reader, I retired from headship a few years. I have gradually filled my time with lots of online things so hubby is always making suggestions that I need to balance them out with other things.

Well. until I went swimming with my grand-daughter ( Emotion ) I had forgotten how much I enjoyed swimming as a girl. I was actually quite good at it as I have a couple of medals and was awarded school colours. So, I have returned to the pool. I have got myself into the routine of swimming twice a week. I go at 7.45am when there are few folks around.

I am gradually increasing the number of lengths I do (up to 26 last week!) and also the effort and strokes I use. As I seem to have this fixed into my week, I treated myself to a new costume. My eyes, being older now, also need some protection so how about this for a gorgeous granny!

(This is a self portrait taken on the ipad. My eyes are not crossed, honestly!)

Do pop over to Sticky fingers to see what other portraits have been posted!

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