Julia – First thing!

For the Gallery this week, Tara has decided to be a bit unfriendly. The theme is ‘Self Portrait’ . Now we know from the Dove advert that women do not like how they look so  the thought of parading to the world is daunting.

However, I always try to do as I’m asked so have shown you the awfulness that is me first thing.

I get tea and bananas for us (see Flogging With Julia) then get to the PC where I stay for a couple of hours. At the moment I’m still recovering from the flu that struck in March (can you believe it) AND I’ve got tendinitis in my wrist.

So here I am in all my ‘natural’ glory with my sling to stop me using my hand!!

Do pop over to Sticky Fingers and see the glorious gussies over there!

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