It happened in the ’80’s’

The Gallery theme for this week is ‘the Eighties’ and Tara said we could do whatever we wanted. To be honest, I’m not good with decades or general memories I suppose. Hubby is brilliant. He has this ability to tell you the date of most things. It is not due to a photo graphic memory but the fact that he links his memories to either football matches or pop music.

So when I saw the theme, obviously I asked him for some suggestions. His immediate response made me blush with embarrassment because it had not been the first thing on my mind & perhaps it should have been.

It was the decade we were married in!! As early readers will know, this is my third marriage. Never has the saying ‘third time lucky’ been so accurate!

We were married at the end of October. It was a Monday and one of those beautiful autumn days that makes you glad to be alive. The sun shone and the leaves glistened in all their colour finery.

I love this photo! All those smiles! The registry office was packed – standing room only. Although there have been tears, there have been so many more smiles and times for laughter.

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