Inspirational Trio!

I’m a great fan of the Gallery and always join in. It is only on rare occasions that I’m not able to take part and that is usually because of holidays etc. However, when I read the theme for this week ‘Inspirational People’ I drew a blank! I didn’t know where to start. I certainly wasn’t sure I would have a photograph of them or the chance to get one whoever they were.

Yet after a few hours it came to me! I have been on this earth long enough to have been lucky enough to get inspiration from a number of people AND have the photos to prove it!

I start with my darling son. When his father and I divorced, he was my reason for getting out of bed sometimes.  He has shown me that you are your own person despite things that life throws at you. He has also inspired me to ‘Have a go Mum. What have you got to lose?’ He has made me very proud with all his accomplishments. This photo shows you that you that even when he is being a policeman, he still has a smile to die for!

My next piece of inspiration came quite recently. I have posted about my visit to Edinburgh and meeting Alexander McCall Smith ‘ALEXANDER’ but it really did kick start my second career. During my visit with him, he suggested ‘doing’ something with the series ‘Tales from the Head’s Office’. Now just a year later it has it’s own blog (The Head’s Office)  and a very popular challenge for children going on as well as some great debates with educationalists and teachers. I have been invited to visit schools and colleges to talk about it so he really did set me off!

Alexander McCall Smith - author

My last inspirational person will not be a surprise to any regular readers. It is my wonderful hubby who has seen me through the darkest of times with my anxiety. It was he who got me through the door of school on those occasions when my confidence had completely gone and it is he who has helped me retire into a vibrant life rather than becoming a blob (believe me there was a chance that would happen!)

So there you have it. Three Inspirational People who have (and still do) play a very important part in my life! What a lucky girl I am!

Who inspired you? Click the lens cap and see where our Gallery inspiration comes from!

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