Holding On

Tara wanted 'Emotions' for this week's Gallery and goodness me, she picked a good week to choose from! The Olympic Games took me through so many emotions from screaming at the television to get Chris Hoy over that line to crying as the flame died with the sounds of Take That and brave Gary Barlow singing in the background.

Emotions are strange things and for some people quite frightening. I'm OK with them. My body learnt a long time ago that a good cry was one way to release tension. I'm one of those with a laugh that can also bring tears when I get going so I've always got tissues to hand.

However, the picture I've chosen is one that shows me trying to 'hold it all together'. It is from my 60th birthday party back in January and is when my cake was brought to the table to the tune of Happy Birthday. I knew nothing about a cake and so the first emotion was a mixture of surprise and embarrassment that everyone in the restaurant was singing to me.

When it was put in front of me the emotion was absolute amazement and wonder. It was a Twitter cake. Now those of you who know me will know that Twitter is quite a part of my retirement so for my cake to by the design it was, it showed great love. Finally, the purchasers of said cake were my son and daughter-in-law, which brought the emotion of gratitude that two busy folks could take the time and thought to make the occasion so special.

So, I give you Me and the Twitter cake!

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