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This is a sign that most people who are interested in sport, who live in the UK & watch the news or who live anywhere else on the planet with a TV will have seen.

When it was first revealed to us here in the UK there was an outcry. Folks were not happy as you can see from the comments in this piece New 2012 Logo Revealed

There was even a court case about when an artist felt his work had been stolen   Accusations of copyright infringement 

My reason for posting it is that Tara wanted something to do with SPORT for the Gallery today and this is really everywhere you look advertising the London Olympics. The other reason though was to own to the fact that until about two weeks ago, I did not understand it.

I was one of those who thought it was awful when it was first revealed. I couldn’t see what it had to do with the Olympics or sport. To me it looked like a dancer and as far as I was aware dancing is yet to be an Olympic sport!

It was only when we were booking some tickets that it suddenly hit me. It is 2012!

I know I’m among friends here so can admit my lack of artistic interpretation but – did you know what it was or was it like one of those Escher pictures that leave you wondering?

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