Frightful Foliage

Having written about the state of my garden, I was guilt-tripped into going out and doing something about it. I donned flowery wellies, gardening gloves with reinforced thumbs and a jumper. I waved goodbye to hubby and ventured out to the wilderness. I might be some time!

I battled with the tendrils that had once been lovely pink flowers ( should have read the packet!). There were masses and masses of seed pods that were rock hard when pressed. These came from the nasturtiums. I grasped the shears and slashed the towering foliage that was the remains of dying sunflowers.

Having reduced the stems to a manageable length, I then pulled with all my might as those mini tree trunks fought back, refusing to leave the earth that had been their home for months. Although it was a struggle I kept my focus and finally over came them all.

During the bagging up ready for the dump I found this specimen and what better way to celebrate ‘Frightful’ for Tara Cain’s Gallery today!

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