Fragile Beauty!

The lovely Tara has set us an easy theme this but as she is becoming more the task master, she has added a little ‘suggestion’! The theme is animals but she has asked that we go out and look for something a little different. Well, you know me – always the keener to please!


This photograph is so special because it was able to be taken. Sounds confused? What I mean is that often these beautiful fragile creatures do not wait for man-kind to get their cameras out, set the lens, check the distance and the light. They appear and share their beauty with us and then they are off.

This butterfly stayed for what was in butterfly terms – ages! Just look at the detail of its legs and proboscis. Nature is so wonderful isn’t she?

Do pop and look at these ‘Papillions’ from my friend Teresita (known as Petal Pusher). They are fabulous!

Then click the lens cap and go and investigate all the other animals on show! 


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