Eyes bigger than…?

As some of you may know, OH & I went to France for a few days a while ago. We stayed one night in Honfleur in Normandy then travelled down to Tours in the Loire valley. As we were quite a way south, we decided to re-visit La Rochelle.

We had been there about 10 years ago when we were holidaying with our son. He had been in a bit of a mood having just broken up with a girlfriend so the visit was not a success. One of the things we had wanted to do was to have a ‘fruits de mer’. This is a fantastic dish of shell-fish, lobsters, oysters – well anything that lives in the sea almost!

Obviously, when we returned this year, that was what we were aiming for. We roamed the harbourside looking at the variety of bars, cafes & restaurants all trying to entice you to stop & fill your tummies with their delicacies. Many of them had ‘fruits de mer’ on the menu.

As you know, we eat with our eyes way before food ever gets to our mouths. Looking at these amazing towers of sea food together with bowls for the debris & bowls with lemon water for your fingers we decided that the whole fruits of the sea experience was probably too much for us at lunch time. So, we chickened out (excuse the pun) & went for a paella instead.

We have eaten this Spanish dish here in the UK many times before. Based on a variety of shell-fish & chicken mixed in a rice base, we felt that was better for us. Not so much ‘unpacking’ as OH commented as there are usually only a few shelled prawns put on for display to tackle.

Right – so here is what we were given!

Even the chicken was on the bone! It was a case more of demolition than unpacking to find the rice! We were the subject of many gazes as we attacked them. That was after I had stopped saying OMG! OMG! OMG!


This post is for Tara Cain’s Gallery which has ‘Food’ as the theme for this week. Do pop over & get your mouths watering with the other entries!

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