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I was really stuck with the Gallery theme of ‘Everyday’ this week. All the things I thought about I had shared with you before. Then I got this badge of honour and the contents for a post

I have been a blood donor for more years than I care to be reminded of.My donations are over 150 which can cause a look of surprise given that you can usually give twice in a year. Although I may feel it, I am not 75! The reason for the high number is that years ago I was a plasma donor which meant a donation every 6 weeks or so. They no longer take plasma but they are asking for platelet donors as well as full blood.

I cannot do enough but praise the service that provides us with blood whenever we need it -free of charge. This is not a sponsored post but a plea from me to anyone out there who has not thought about donating blood. It doesn’t hurt (well only a tiny scratch), you are very well treated and they even give you tea and biscuits.

It is one thing I do that makes me feel good. You know that, ‘for the greater good’ idea? I have searched for a contact and the best thing would be for you to click ‘Blood’ for more details. The statistics are incredible and as the site says ‘95% depend on 4% to give blood. Don’t leave it to someone else.’ The service is always under strain over the holiday period and this year with so many additional visitors for the Olympics they are really going to be stretched.

They even give you a sticker. I love the way they are including the children of donors with these. Let’s hope they will grow up to follow in the family’s footsteps!

So to return to the Gallery theme, it is a once every 6 months for me but an Everyday Need for thousands!

After you have clicked and signed up to give blood, pop over to Tara’s ‘Sticky Fingers’ to see some more ‘Everyday’ posts!

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