Eric but not Ernie!

As she was having a well-earned week off for half term, Tara of the Gallery fame left us some thinking time for this week’s theme. It is ‘Show Me the Funny’.

It is a photo of me with Eric Morcambe! No, not the real one because sadly he died in 1984. No, it is of me at his magnificent bronze statue right on the promenade at Morcambe, the town where he was born & took his name from. He is best known as the really daft one of the comedy duo Morcambe & Wise. It was Eric who did the silly dances & acted the fool to Ernie Wise’s straight man. Together they became one of this country’s national treasures & Christmas was never the same without an edition of the Morcambe & wise Show.

This bronze is stunning. You can see the twinkle in Eric’s eyes – honestly. Here is the blurb about it from a very proud Morcambe Council

The statue created by sculptor Graham Ibesson was unveiled by her Majesty the Queen on July 23rd 1999.

It stands at the top of the stairs in a purpose built circle surrounded by beautiful flower beds. On the floor you can read various related messages, from the names famous guests on the Morecambe & Wise show to key words like ‘RUBBISH’ and the words from ‘Bring me Sunshine’.Keep remembering to look up now and again or you might bump into somebody


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