Ebony & Ivory!

Well the Gallery this week is easy – Black & White – Simples!


I don’t know what Tara is having in her morning cornflakes but it is certainly moving those ‘let’s give them a tricky one’ brain cells. I ask you ‘Black & White’! I know there will a fabulous picture from Jay over at Mochabeanie Mummy . Chris at Thinly Spread will be getting out her zoom lens & coming up with an amazing shot. The lady herself, Tara will pop an awesome one in too!

So…back here, thinking cap on. Those of you who are regular visitors will know that the thinking cap has been well used recently for this meme! Apart from newspapers I was stuck. Then it dawned on me. My DS is getting married in just under 4 weeks. The bride will look fabulous in her WHITE gown & all the men in the wedding party are wearing BLACK suits.

The mother of the groom (that’s me!) is wearing BLACK & WHITE. So, there’s my BLACK & WHITE post – without pictures of course but I promise I will flood the blog with them once the day is over. In the meantime, I give you one of my favourite songs. I have posted it before (They Make Me Cry) & explained that it is a song that reminds me of my DS. We have been invited to request songs for the reception & this one was top of my list!


Now you pop over to Sticky Fingers & see how right I am with all those great Black & white photos!

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  • Lovely – and I bet the black & white themed wedding will make for brilliant photos x

  • Jen

    Less than 4 weeks, wow, you have a lot going on so. Yet again you liven us all up for the gallery, wtg you 🙂 Jen

  • How exciting! Can’t believe it is only 4 weeks to go!
    Ebony and Ivory is such a great song. Fab interpretation of the theme! (I didn’t zoom this time btw! I went all long shot!)

  • Beautiful song and it sprang to mind when I heard this week’s theme too (along with fish n chips wrapped in newspaper for some strange reason!).

    All the best for DS’s wedding! Wow! Exciting stuff!

    Visiting from The Gallery

  • Oh my goodness, I loved that song when I was a kid. It used to play on the radio all the time way back when didn’t it?

  • That’s fab Julia – a gallery post with great words and the tantalising promise of photos haha!

    I too love the song Ebony and Ivory – my Dad and I used to sing it in the car together when he used to drop me off at school. We used to do the harmony! Thanks for reminding me of such a special time.

  • My first thought when I saw the Black & White theme was this song, and I SO wanted to find a proper piano keyboard, perhaps with some sheet music, for it.
    However, try as I might I couldn’t find a baby grand forgotten behind the sofa cushions, so I had to content myself with another approach.
    It’s nice to see, however, that someone else thinks like me…

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