This week’s Gallery over at Tara Cain’s blog ‘Sticky Fingers’ should have been easy for me having been a teacher. It is ‘Education’ but for some reasons I found it really difficult. I suppose that is often the case when it is your ‘work’. Anyway, I trawled through the albums (well no I flicked through the digital pictures!) & found these beauties.

If anything says ‘EDUCATION’ it has to be a Victorian classroom! Just look at the equipment! Who needs technology & gadgets. Everyone has their own seat & writing slate. The abacus is there to help with arithmetic & of course should you step out of line, the cane will remind you of your manners!

The next one brings the past to the present for me. Even back in those days attendance was crucial! Rather than a little certificate, the class got real recognition!

The pictures were taken at Shugborough Hall Home of the Litchfield family (as in Lord Litchfield royal photographer!) The National Trust owns part of the estate & it is well worth a visit with the children as there is plenty for everyone to see & enjoy!

Now pop over to Tara’s & get more educated!

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