Dear Tara……

This post is for Week 8 of the Gallery over at Sticky Fingers . The topic is ‘7 Deadly Sins’


Dear Tara,

As you know, I really enjoy your fabulous Gallery. I have seen some wonderful pictures & got to know lots of lovely ‘virtual’ people.

 I thought this week’s theme of ‘& Deadly Sins’ was VERY hard! I really couldn’t think of anything so I asked my OH. He is very clever but even he was stumped. So, I thought I’d better do some research & I have managed to do something. Before I show you though, you must remember that it is not my fault because a) it was in the research and b) you set the theme!

MAGNUM’s ‘7Deadly Sins’

This range was launched in 2003 & caused quite a stir among religious groups. They saw it as a cheap marketing trick using the Deadly Sins which were important to the church.

They adapted the names slightly to accommodate the various flavours which were:

Sloth – Peanut & chocolate shell / Caramel ice cream

Vanity (Pride) – White chocolate shell / champagne ripple ice cream

Greed – Dark Chocolate shell / Coffee ice cream

Gluttony – White chocolate shell / dark chocolate ice cream

Revenge (Wrath) – Red chocolate shell / dark chocolate ice cream

Lust – Pink chocolate shell / vanilla ice cream

Jealousy (Envy) – Dark chocolate with pistachio nut shell / pistachio ice cream.

Unfortunately, they are no longer available as it was a limited edition but which one would you choose if you could? I would buy you them all to make up for cheating!

I hope you won’t be too cross but I did do lots of research!

Your virtual friend




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