Deadline – Christmas

I think there are lots of deadlines to meet before 25th December when the shops are finally shut and you can sit down. It’s the time of lists for me with a master list that has dates to meet.

When Tara gave us that  Christmas song title ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ for this week’s Gallery theme, I was spoilt for choice. However, when I thought about it, the arrival of December and getting my cards written and posted is THE deadline for me.

Once that can be ticked, I feel Christmas is on the way. However, I do feel that ‘Christmas is on it’s way signs are coming far too early. It has always annoyed me to see lights and trees in October but August?!! I get the feeling that people have put their decorations up earlier this year and wondered if it was an attempt to cheer themselves up in these difficult times.
When does your Christmas prep start?
Now, where is the food list?
Do pop over to Sticky Fingers to see what other things start Christmas for folks!

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